LETTERS: Remember the Merchant Navy on VE Day

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rom Mr Cyril Evans

Sir: I very much appreciate and must congratulate Barbara Hoddinott for her letter (29 April) referring to the forgotten group in the last war - the Merchant Navy.

Fifty-three years ago I was with a unit of an infantry regiment at Crewe changing trains. On the station platform outside the Forces' canteen was standing a young lad clad in civilian clothes with a badge on his lapel with letters MN (Merchant Navy). On inquiry he told us that he was not allowed into the canteen as he was not in uniform. We were rather irate, hearing of his treatment, and immediately saw that he received the necessary "char and wads" which were available to us in uniform, and he was most grateful.

Some of us recalled this incident and wondered if our assistance in helping him on his way to join his ship had led him towards his last journey for his King and country.

Lest we forget,

Yours faithfully,


Ledbury, Herefordshire

4 May