Letters: Respect to LPs

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From Mr Roger Scowen

Sir: David Lister (14 July) reports that the Beach Boys' album Pet Sounds has been voted as the best of all time. It is a pity that the record companies show little respect to such classics when they re-issue them on CD. The best albums published as long-playing records were originally conceived as two sets of songs, one on each side of the disc, and complemented by the sleeve design. Yet when they are re-issued, the two sides run straight on and the sleeve is reduced to an eighth of its original size.

It would be more artistic and satisfying if silent tracks, separated the two sides and preceded any "bonus tracks". And when the sleeve is itself significant, for example Sergeant Pepper, the cover of the CD should be published as a facsimile of the original.

Yours faithfully,

Roger Scowen

Hampton, Middlesex