LETTERS : Sea of Faith covers a broad church

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From Mr David Boulton Sir: Peter Mullen ("Cupitt's arrows lie blunted by the reality of reasoned discussion", 31 December) assumes that theological "non-realism" and what he calls "Sea-of-Faithism" are one and the same. In fact, the Sea of Faith network embraces a broader philosophical and theological spectrum including but by no means confined to the Cupittian "non-realism" which so troubles Mr Mullen.

Alongside Don Cupitt, Sea of Faith includes Christian humanists such as Anthony Freeman, Quakers who have always emphasised "that of God in everyone", atheists who are not blind to the beauty and wisdom expressed in a variety of religious cultures, arti

s ts and writers who value religious language and symbolism without subscribing to any kind of supernaturalism, and revolutionaries fired by the old stories to work for a better world.

Sea of Faith explores and promotes the view that all religions are human creations. There's nothing distinctively "post-modern" about that: William Blake was there 200 years ago, and it was his God, the God of human imagination, who inspired him and the radicals who followed him, to get on with building Jerusalem.

Yours sincerely, DAVID BOULTON Editor, Sea of Faith magazine Dent, Cumbria 3 January