LETTERS: Seeds and cycleways: faith in the future

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From Mrs Kerstin Lindman-Strafford

Sir: Some 18 months ago, I visited Cardiff with a group of other foreign journalists from the Foreign Press Association. We were shown the Cardiff Bay development; needless to say, impressive in scope and size. But it occurred to some of us that the plans that had been submitted for the opera house appeared to ignore surrounding buildings in an area where predominantly red brick is used. Any development should, presumably, consider the aesthetic impact of the whole.

Of greater urgency now is the matter of an international airport for Cardiff. A number of us could be heard muttering: what use is a grand opera house if international singers and conductors cannot fly in directly from European countries and elsewhere, but have to rock on a so-called express train from London?

Yours faithfully,

Kerstin Lindman-Strafford

London, SW19