LETTERS: Seeds and cycleways: faith in the future

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From Mr Michael Miller

Sir: Peter Popham is quite wrong to suggest that cycle paths and seed banks do not bear witness to our faith in the future, for both point to an acknowledgement of our past failures and some small attempt to rectify them. The former relates to our damaging, polluting and antisocial reliance on the motor car; and the latter to the devastating effect of uncontrolled destruction and abuse of the natural world for commercial gain. The best millennium "monuments" we can have are those that point to the errors of the past and offer solutions for the future.

I too disagree with the commission's decision regarding the Cardiff opera house; but for your headline to declare "No daring, no imagination, just cycle paths" is to display a naivety and narrowness of vision equal to that shown by the commission with regard to the Cardiff project.

Yours faithfully,

Michael Miller

Bridge of Don, Aberdeen