LETTERS: Selling takes talent, not looks

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From Ms Vivien Brockwell and Ms Sally Ricketts Sir: We read with horror Virginia Ironside's article "Learn to share the fruits of success" (15 December).

What exactly does she mean when she states "most successful people in any profession except, perhaps, modelling and sales, get to where they are because of their talent and hard work, not because of their image"?

Is she suggesting that modelling and sales are in some way careers for stupid dolly birds who have no will or mind of their own? While both may certainly be regarded as glamorous, anyone in these professions would tell you that they are also very hard working.

In any profession you look at, sales people dominate the business place. Selling is an integral part of life. Even politicians and prime ministers are selling; their country, its exports or its tourist attractions.

Any business place, be it manufacturing, service or technology, can be only be successful by having a successful sales force. Surely not all of these people got to where they were because of their looks. One has only to glance at the Cabinet to see that it is not so.

While no one would dispute the fact that good looks may help sales people initially, they are no substitute for knowing what one is talking about.

Yours faithfully, VIVIEN BROCKWELL SALLY RICKETTS Advertisement Managers Communications International London, W1