LETTERS: Two-tier care for the elderly

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YOUR article of 22 October ("Mabel a victim of stingy council") may have alarmed the Leader of Merton Council, Tony Colman. His reply (Letters, 29 October) must have sent shudders running through the hearts of ordinary people with elderly relatives.

Mabel Nash at 99 years old has every reason to be cautious about leaving the surroundings she has known for all her life. Her decision is even harder, as it places a financial burden on her relatives.

Merton's policy of asking her relatives to top up the low charges they are prepared to pay is a Tory idea. It favours only the better off in our society. For generations we have accepted a two-tier system in education and health. Now a Labour council have extended it into care of the elderly.

Tony Colman once told me that he was a socialist. I did not believe him then. I certainly would not now.

Geoffrey Smith

London SW20