Letters: Whoever wins control, Jerusalem belongs to the world

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Sir: I have read the courageous letter of the Hon Miranda Rothschild with great interest (30 September). I founded the Muslim and Jewish Society in 1964. This was in response to my dream of bringing together these great cultures.

The cruelly shattered peace has consumed all thinking people with grief; harmony was so near but as events proved it was all in vain.

We need to convince the people of Israel to seek re-elections which will bring a national and God-fearing administration to power.

As a brother Ismail I seek a solution which will reunite us with our brother Isaacs, this securing peace in this critical area. The whole universe is threatened by the partisan and ruthless behaviour of the present Israeli leadership.

We must stand together with all nations, rebuild the Holy Places that have been desecrated and establish goodwill again among nations of the Middle East and the Muslims at large.

Prince Mohsin ALI KHAN

London N2