LETTERS: Women who choose to be childless should be treasured

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THE excellent article "Women who don't want to be mother" (Real Life, 1 October) interested me because I would have wanted sterilisation from puberty; now I am an elderly woman I can only admire these young women who "go for it". I would have done had the social climate been different. I came from the generation that was expected to be as fecund as possible; to declare your intent upon childlessness was a massive act of courage. Fortunately, my mother upheld my avid independence, as did my husband who, like myself, had an interesting career.

My mother would say, "Some women say having a baby was the greatest experience in their lives - poor girls; it was probably the first and last experience they would ever have."

Far from being thoroughly selfish and self-centred, women who take this step should be admired and cherished - they become the real core of what should be a compassionate, sensible and caring society which recognises a woman's choice in how she uses her body; and how she can contribute to her society.

D E Gresry