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So the Kuwaiti rulers have cost a man his family and placed him under threat of the death penalty ("Death threat to Christian convert", 7 July)? What an insult to all the European and American Christian personnel who were called upon to rescue their little piece of oil-stained sand from Iraq's military grasp.

J Cran-Chalmers, London N17

Dylan Jones writes that Liza Minnelli has "very big cajones" ("Liza: a legend with an L", Review, 7 July). He - and she - may mean that she's the owner of some large boxes. But I think they mean "cojones".

Rachel Scott, Dorchester

Michael White is right about Menotti ("Profit without honour", Real Life, 7 July). Menotti's violin and piano concertos were performed when I played in the London Schools Symphony Orchestra in my youth. Melodic and vital, they deserve to be in the standard repertoire. Why should the Spoleto Festival have all the best tunes?

Geoff Warren

Bodenham, Herefordshire

David Usborne's account of the freeing of the Chicago Four ("Justice arrives in the nick of time", 7 July) is curiously reminiscent of the experiene of the Bridgewater Four in this country, with the difference that the British men are still inside.

A J Lane

Kidderminster, Worcs