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l IN HIS column, Tom Peters (Business, 23 April) wrote of the importance of a receptionist in business because he/she was a "turnaround artist", and that filling this position needed "as much care as a vice- president". Does he follow through such a belief by giving him/her a salary and working conditions similar to a vice-president?

S R Bishop, France

l YOU note that Big Mac comes to Venice ("Caf society faces inelegant fate", 23 April) as if this were the fall of civilisation. This event in fact took place when McDonald's opened up in Hampstead.

Daniel Chatterton, London N1

l PERHAPS I could fine-tune John Updike's "little apercu": "I think that I shall never view/A French film without Depardieu." ("The grand illusionist", Review, 23 April). What about: "I think that I shall never view/Une filme franaise sans Depardieu."

David Warden, London W4

l I REFER to the article "Fridge magnetism" (Review, 16 April). When "dbuting" is used in Singapore I assume it is to tease the English. So far I have rebutted any argument for the use of this non-participle. Now you have taken the ground from under me.

Christopher Smith, English Consultant, Singapore