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How good to see Lucy Ellmann complaining about the tiresome "music" interfering with the excellent programme on F D Roosevelt (Real Life, 21 April). Almost all documentary programmes are now spoilt by this irrelevant intrusion. An additional important objection is that people with imperfect hearing can find it quite difficult to pick up the words.

Donald JCrabb, Glasgow

If someone does not believe in God, it does not follow that they are humanist or irreligious ("God may be dead...", 14 April). They could, for example, be Buddhist.

LG Roberts

Ripon, North Yorkshire

In his article "Sweet smell of success from sewage" (Business, 21 April) Martin Whitfield refers twice to hydrogen sulphate, when the context quite clearly means hydrogen sulphide.

Robert Hopkins, Reading

Your articles on porn are illustrated with "British mags through the ages" (Real Life, 21 April). Snappy is American - the price, 25 cents, is printed on the cover model's arm. So is Dapper,costing 75 cents.

J A Phillipson, Sale, Cheshire

The article about Andrea Dworkin (21 April) stated that her works Pornography: Men Possessing Women and Right Wing Women are out of print. Both books remain in print and are best-sellers. Pornography has reprinted seven times since it was first published by the Women's Press in 1981.

Kathy Gale

The Women's Press

London EC1