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l In reporting the appointment of Rabbi Cohn Sherbok to a chair in Judaism at Lampeter (" 'Holocaust' courses for Welsh college", 8 June), you attribute to me the claim that his course on the Holocaust will be "the first of its kind". Such courses have existed for decades in other universities. What are more likely to be distinctive are our courses on Jewish theology, philosophy and mysticism, but even here I would not wish to make any claims.

Professor Paul Badham

University of Wales

l Having visited my grandfather's grave in the Meuse-Argonne American cemetery in France where over 14,000 American servicemen who served in the First World War are buried, I can attest that America provided more than money and weapons to the effort (Letters, 8 June). There are over 150,000 Americans buried or commemorated in European war cemeteries from both world wars. Thousands more were sent to the US for burial.

David McNickle

St Albans, Hertfordshire

l Let me assure Lucy Sweet, her interviewer and your readers that no one in Glasgow "got his head cut off in the street the other day", the other month or decade ("A woman at fighting weight", Real Life, 8 June).

Vince McGlennan, Glasgow

l So Robin Aspinall, chief economist at National Australia Bank, is questioning Gordon Brown's style ("How strong is the old lady", Business, 1 June). They haven't got it yet have they? The British people overwhelmingly voted for change and that include the fascination with economics. Aspinall and company have built their industry with loyalty only to themselves. It's time to stop them.

D White, Alicante, Spain