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James Purvis clearly does not want to downgrade his Sierra GLS to a GL and use the difference to fund his photography course ("James Purvis has lost his job...", 13 October). But do you really think those in work should pay tax so that a Ford Sierra can enjoy the style to which it has become accustomed?

Philip Cochrane

Abergavenny, Gwent

Why is it curious that bowls, a sport enjoying the active participation of hundreds of thousands of both sexes and all ages, should receive pounds 11m from the lottery ("Money isn't everything - there's bowls too", 13 October)? What is curious is that you rarely report on this popular game.

Tony Pace

Bugbrooke, Northamptonshire

Art has anticipated "life" in the matter of a privatised police force ("Altered States", Review, 13 October). When the final Quatermass story was transmitted by Thames TV in 1979, the tender had been won by Afrikaner mercenaries who were referred to as the "pay cops".

David Morton

Driffield, East Yorkshire

The pet-loving pressure groups who want our quarantine laws changed fondly imagine that every dog-owner in Britain is on their side. But the vast majority of dog-owners are unaffected by our quarantine legislation and most are wise enough to want it kept in place.

Martin Davis, London SW4

Has your correspondent who suggests that riding his bicycle through a red light places no one but himself in danger considered the possibility of a car swerving to avoid him and colliding with a third party - such as a child on the pavement (Letters, 13 October)? I ride a motorcycle. If I collide with your correspondent I will be at least as badly injured as he and his self-righteousness will be no compensation for his lack of insurance.

Neil Murray, Sutton, Surrey

Far from the Sun's royal story of 5 October being trivial ("Soaking up the Sun", 13 October), it was well researched, stating exactly why the Prince of Wales was being made to sack his private secretary, Richard Aylard. As Princess Diana discovered after her Panorama interview, if you dare to accuse the Queen of something, you put yourself in line of a sharp handbagging.

Ms Brooke, Liverpool