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l like Judge Michael Coombe (Quotes, 9 June) I deplore the use of the word "partner" to describe any kind of dalliance between man and woman. It's fine if you're playing bridge or are a businessman but has no recognition in law and lacks the dignity that marriage endows.

Hilary Miles, Swansea

l Anne Farlow (Letters, 9 June) implies that there is an association between low unemployment in Norfolk and the "After you" attitude of the county's motorists. Driving along a Norwich throughfare yesterday, I was forced to swerve and halt in order to avoid a car that leapt from a parking space. Obviously mindful of the "After you"principle, the driver snarled, "Get you a-going. You ain't been hit." Deeming it unwise to raise the question of his employment status, I obeyed his command.

Alan Sigsworth, Norwich

l how I wish I lived in the mythical area of Inverpatrick instead of Aberdeen ("Sorted", Business, 9 June). First-class mail posted in central London regularly fails to arrive the next day and first-class mail sent to Glasgow frequently takes longer than second-class. That said, second- class mail to Oban arrives promptly next morning!

P King, Aberdeen