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l I AM a man and I go silly over Princess Diana ("The men who worship Diana", 26 February). Why? Because of the enormous amount of unearned wealth she has while many live in poverty. Silly is not the word for it.

Charles Murray, London N17

l IT SHOULD not be thought, as your caption implies, that Sphynx cats are a new breed (26 February). The Book of the Cat published in 1980 by Pan Books, gives a description and photo. They are similar in form to the occasionally hairless Devon Rex. Cat breeders here have rejected the Sphynx as an oddity not to be encouraged.

J D Hearn, Nailsea, Avon

l MARTA Haworth of the Central Statistical Office (Letters, 26 February) tells us of the continuing commitment to give users "the statistics they want". I'm unsure whether to appreciate her honesty and the prospects for privatising the service, or deplore the clear politicisation demonstrated by the history of the prominence of the Tax and Price Index, partly discussed in her letter.

Philip Hunter

Longthorpe, Cambs

l A PAGE interview conducted shortly before his disappearance; most of Harry Enfield's column;a mention by Captain Moonlight; even an article about the understudy. Is everyone so interested in Stephen Fry?

I think it's more important to find out what's happened to Richie James of Manic Street Preachers, missing since 1 February.

Tim Mickleburgh

Grimsby, Lincs