Come to see the real Worth

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WITH reference to Harry Enfield's article "I won't mourn the demise of the grinning flogger" (18 June), we were surprised by the crass tones and bad taste. How Mr Enfield wrote the article with a straight face we will never know. Mr Enfield is an exception; we are yet to meet old boys with such intense and derogatory opinions. Similar sentiments to Mr Enfield's are certainly not reflected within the school today. As for the supposed "slump in popularity", we feel this unfortunate reference would not have occurred had Mr Enfield's research been more thorough. The school has 300 boarders and increasing numbers of day boys. The Worth we have experienced is very enjoyable; it has been and always will be very different from Mr Enfield's ridiculous misconceptions. We would like to invite Mr Enfield back to the school to show him the real Worth.

W Lockhart

(Head Boy) and eight prefects Worth School

Crawley, West Sussex