Communitarians, authoritarians and nonconformists

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From The Rev Kenneth Leech

Sir: Anna Coote sees Alasdair MacIntyre, Charles Taylor and Michael Sandel as "the high priests of communitarianism" and links them with Amitai Etzioni, to whom they never refer and with whom they have little in common.

Dr Haridimos Tsoukas (Letters, 4 July) is correct to say that MacIntyre and Taylor rarely use the word "communitarian". However, MacIntyre has recently used it in a response to his critics, where he speaks of

contemporary communitarians, from whom I have strongly dissociated myself whenever I have had an opportunity to do so. [italics mine] (from After MacIntyre, Polity Press)

Some high priest!

Yours faithfully,

Kenneth Leech

St Botolph's Church

London, EC3

4 July