Electoral reform could cure Tories' dilemma

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From Mr Kenneth Muller

Sir: This Marlow resident trusts and fully expects his constituency MP (Ray Whitney, Member for Wycombe) and the other local Buckinghamshire MPs wholeheartedly to support the Prime Minister. At the time of the last leadership election he declared himself an ardent supporter of John Major and, I am told, remains so.

My deeply-held view is that John Major took on a combination of Herculean labours: to continue the governing of Britain by the Conservative Party, while healing the many wounds inflicted on the British population during the previous three years by Margaret Thatcher and her increasingly right- wing cohorts.

Marlow, Gorman, Field, Redwood, Cash, Carlisle and the other chameleon MPs were content to return to Westminster on the shoulders and back of John Major in 1992. Once installed again, they turned against their re- elected leader, sublimely indifferent to the real needs of Britain and the world around us. Meanwhile Thatcher, Tebbit and their twilight ilk skulked around in the Lords from where they disloyally emitted their maligning venom.

John Redwood's candidature, supported by the Euro-sceptics and other disaffected Thatcherites, serves neither Britain nor the Conservative Party. However, the calling of this election by Mr Major was and remains the correct course of action; it is in the nation's interests as well as those of the present Government. It will expose the bile of these self- seeking Little Englanders and the ambitious political mavericks slyly waiting in the wings. It is essential that the corrosive effects of their views and behaviour be neutralised for the benefit of the real majority.

My express wish is that, within the next 10 days, John Major our Prime Minister, will be able to command real and wholehearted support and loyalty, free of cavalier media hype and speculation. Then, he can resume leading Britain forward until the next UK general election, and if successful, through into the new millennium.

Yours sincerely,

Kenneth Muller