Electoral reform could cure Tories' dilemma

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From Dr David Cochrane

Sir: The Gibraltar Apes are potentially quarrelsome and vicious animals that can inflict a nasty bite. Fortunately, they are usually kept in order by the leader of the pack who ruthlessly metes out instant retribution to any ape who steps out of line.

When ape numbers rise excessively, the traditional solution is to shoot the leader of the pack. This is then followed by a period during which the leading contenders fight it out for supremacy. Until a new leader emerges, few if any apelets are conceived, with a consequent decline in numbers due to death from injury as well as from natural causes.

There are some characteristics that a million years of evolution have failed to suppress. We are not yet mature enough for consensus politics. The pack still requires to be dominated.

Yours faithfully,

David Cochrane


28 June