How should the West respond to Rwanda's cry for help?

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From Mrs Glenys Kinnock, MEP Sir: I welcome the piece by Robert Block (" `Never again' obviously doesn't apply in Rwanda", 28 January) as I have just returned from Rwanda, Burundi and Zaire.

I share his concern about the situation in the camps where the Interahamwe militia are terrorising the people and peddling the propaganda about the dangers of returning home. It is clear, however, that until security and land rights are assured, there will be a great reluctance to return. The European Parliament delegation saw clear evidence that international inaction is allowing the army responsible to regroup on the borders and we saw men openly buying and selling guns on the outskirts of the camps.

Unless the international community supports the efforts of the current Rwandan government to bring the perpetrators of genocide to justice by establishing an international tribunal, combined with a massive increase in resources to make even a semblance of governance possible, we are condemning Rwanda to a torturous death.

I was amazed to find during my visit that the Special Prosecutor in Kigali does not even have a typewriter or paper. In these circumstances, Rwandan refugees cannot be blamed for their scepticism about justice, or lack thereof, being meted out at home.

Yours sincerely, Glenys Kinnock MEP for South Wales East (Lab)