i: Letter from the editor 19 January 2011

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Judging by our postbag, Twitter feed, Facebook page and email inbox, it certainly pays to advertise. Our television advert only started airing on Sunday, and already it seems that a whole new audience has been attracted to i. How can I tell this? Because many of the comments we received when the paper was launched 60 issues ago are once again pinging into our inbox. As Alan Partridge once said: “It’s deja vu all over again!”

Gratifyingly, most of them are positive. My favourite yesterday was from Thomas Lambert, aged 13. “My parents buy the Sun,”he writes, “which I think is full of rubbish celebrity gossip that no one really cares about. This newspaper... has articles about the things people really do need to read. I am sending this to show that it’s not just adults who read i.”

Others were more specific about the qualities of this paper. “Not only is i an outstanding vehicle for disseminating the news,” says Mike Simpkins, “but it burns better than the Times. I find it really excellent for lighting our wood-burning stove.”

Whatever purpose you put this newspaper to - and some people merely read it - I’d like to thank you for your comments. And for those who would like racecards every day, I’m afraid that, in a concise paper, there isn’t enough space for everything. In the spirit of John West salmon, it’s what we reject that makes i the best!

Thanks, also, to the readers who took issue with Susannah Frankel’s assessment of the Golden Globes frocks. She stands by her views. Handbags at dawn!

Simon Kelner