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I recently visited Antony Gormley's 100 statues on Crosby beach, and what is striking is the dynamic, industrial background – including wind turbines – in which these sculptures sit ("Davey takes on Osborne over wind farms", 16 September). Far from destroying the scenery, wind turbines and wind farms can complement and improve the landscape.

Many industrial structures – Cornwall's tin mines, Hadrian's coast-to-coast, 13ft wall, Ribblehead rail viaduct – form an important part of the heritage we now venerate. How feeble that Owen Paterson, the new Environment Secretary, is quoted as saying that "wind energy will do nothing to stop global warming". But at least the climate change civil servants see the possibility of it contributing towards "secure, clean energy".

Better windmills on the horizon and the exploration of renewable energy sources than our continued, dangerous liaison with unsustainable sources.

James Derounian

University of Gloucestershire

During the world wars, soldiers faced each other in hand-to-hand combat. In my native Africa, before automatic weapons arrived from the West, tribal warriors threw spears at their enemies similarly armed, thus demonstrating bravery and limiting the casualties. But with its cowardly use of drones, operated thousands of miles from the battlefields, Nato has killed thousands of innocent Afghan and Pakistani civilians, including women and children. Likewise, owing to the cowardly use of the "green on blue" attacks, the Taliban has killed more than 50 Nato soldiers this year. Let's bring our troops home.

Sam Akaki

London W3

I was interested to read Alasdair Fotheringham's article on inequalities of female representation in the media ("The great divide", Sport, 16 September). I then counted the number of men and women in photos in last week's sports section. There were 103 pictures of men – and just two of one woman, cyclist Emma Pooley, in Fotheringham's article. It is therefore not surprising that, although I am a fairly sporty woman who swims, cycles, attends a gym and walks hills, I never find anything in the sports section that interests me or I feel is relevant to me. No wonder young girls do not feel sport is something that involves them.

Louise Brown

Ullesthorpe, Leicestershire

Fiona Bruce revealed last week that she feels she must colour her grey hairs, and the incoming director-general of the BBC was given a mauling by John Humphrys over the corporation's failure to use older women on screen. George Entwistle has an easy chance to start redressing the balance.

Leaving Radio 4 shortly to go freelance is newsreader Charlotte Green, who is 56. She has a matchless voice, pleasant nature, exceptional composure – and the features and frame of a normal woman. If we don't see her on our television screens soon, we shall know why.

Emma Partridge


If the FA is sincere in its wish to overcome racism in football, the obvious path is to follow Sepp Blatter's advice. Thanks to his wisdom, borne out by the evidence of the past few months, we know that a firm and friendly handshake eradicates bigotry, ignorance and hostility. Until racism is banished from the terraces, too, the only conceivable option is for all spectators to shake hands with each other both before and after the game. I am surprised the FA has not suggested this already.

Steve Mainwaring


While I appreciate that The Independent on Sunday is now 50p cheaper than The Observer and The Sunday Times, I also note that in your issue of 16 September, a picture of Kate Middleton does not appear on the front page. Continue this practice, and I will happily pay more for the paper.

Keith Flett

London N17

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