LETTER: A claim to public money by any religious school is dubious

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I AM dismayed by your statement that "Islamic law forbids drawing of the human form" in a secular or civil Muslim culture. This is an extremist view and not held by the vast majority of Muslims in this country who are moderate people. Most Muslim cultures do in fact have a rich secular life including dance, music (Bhangra), and representational art including videos and films. Figurative art is found in mainstream Muslim culture throughout its history. Recently, 25 female artists from Pakistan showed their art on a tour of Europe and much of it was representational and abstracted figurative work.

The worship of idols is forbidden in the Holy Book of Islam. Religious art in mosques should reflect the perfection and geometry of the Creator with mainly (but not always) abstract pattern and calligraphy.

There are factions in Islam, just as there are in all religions, and Muslims have fanatics destroying their art just as Christians did in puritan times.

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