Letter: A classic lesson in populism

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WHAT classical music concerts need is not dressing down, headphones or big-screen close-ups, but more contact between the audience and the orchestra ('Bow ties to go in concert shake up', 15 May).

What a difference it would make if the leader or conductor introduced the piece before playing it. How rapport would change if, just now and again, the players would smile at the audience.

Would it be too much to ask for them to look as though they might be enjoying the experience of playing? 'Meet the players' type events are always very popular within my own local band, the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra. Similarly popular are encores by soloists, something else that helps remove the feeling that the players, solo or otherwise, are simply there to help pay the mortgage.

No, we don't need electronic gadgetry, simply basic audience involvement.

Rodney Warrington

Upton by Chester