Letter: A complaint taken to the top?

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We were disappointed to see you repeat the sensationalist allegations of a former US beauty queen against the Sultan of Brunei ("So who's telling lies...", 11 May). The article makes it clear that Shannon Marketic has never met the Sultan or his brother, Prince Jefri. On what basis then do you refer to His Majesty as "the swinging Sultan"?

Marketic has said a good deal about her alleged bad experiences in Brunei. Placing the blame on the head of state is a unique way of complaining about a trip. As the only suitable recompense, she demands vast sums of money from two individuals whom she readily admits never having met. Before filing her suit, Marketic sent Prince Jefri a letter implying criminal conduct and suggesting that the matter would remain quiet in exchange for payment.

A number of people close to Marketic have made public statements suggesting that her primary motivation was self- enrichment and casting doubt on her integrity. Once this case has been dismissed, as we are confident it will be, appropriate sanctions against Marketic and her attorney will be pursued with the full vigour of the law.

Pengiran Dato Setia Yusof

London W8