Letter: Are hunters to be forgiven their trespasses?

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I READ with interest your report of the Home Secretary's intended draconian penalties for hunt saboteurs ('Howard backs hunters with new laws', 7 November).

I am interested to know whether, as an even-handed man, Michael Howard is proposing to inflict the same penalties on hunts that trespass on private land or domestic gardens, to the great alarm of residents and danger to domestic animals. There are few things more frightening than a sudden torrent of howling dogs in pursuit of one small creature on land that one had fondly imagined was safe territory for creatures tame and wild.

I shall be glad to know that equivalent penalties will be exacted in these cases as well as for the appalling behaviour of hunt saboteurs who so frequently attack the whips and sticks of the hunt with their heads and shoulders.

Lady Browne

Thriplow, Cambs