Letter: Better to keep the royals than to let politicians reign

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The Independent Online
I READ, with some interest, your articles on the formation of a republic of Great Britain together with your front-page article revealing that 44 per cent of Labour Members of Parliament want a republic.

I also read your leader article ('Piggies in the market') giving views on the characteristics of Tory Members of Parliament, although also conceding that, at some time in the past, certain Labour Members were not totally free of some suspicion that their standards were not those that were imparted to Tom Brown in his school days.

Clearly, the intended head of this republic is going to be drawn from within political circles. I am not surprised, therefore, to find that some politicians want to get their noses into the biggest trough of all. I cannot look forward to the prospect of a British politician occupying the highest post in this land with anything less than total apprehension.

W A Walsh Gravesend, Kent