Letter: Briefly

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- VIVIEN Goldsmith (Personal Finance, Business, 27 November) considers it ``tempting'' for people to rove around building societies placing pounds 100 in accounts in order to make a speculative killing.

How good it would have been for your financial writer to advise readers to open up new accounts so that they could vote against merger proposals.

I Morgan


- WITH regard to ``Stuck on the Shelf'' (Sunday Review, 20 November), it is still possible to buy many of Saville's children's novels. He remains so popular that the Malcolm Saville Society, which was formed only a few months ago, already has over 110 members of all ages. Write for details to: 10 Bilford Road, Worcester, WR3 8QA.

Mark O'Hanlon

The Malcolm Saville Society


- I WAS reassured to read that University Challenge is easier than in Bamber Gascoigne's day. For a moment I thought that I had become brighter.

Nicholas Winch

University Challenge 1978

London SW9

- YOUR article on game (``Getting the hang of game'', Sunday Review, 27 November) is ignorant, as well as being ill-conceived. It is utterly irresponsible to encourage the killing and eating of woodcock, snipe, golden plover, lapwing, grey partridge, teal, or hare.

As Michael Bateman says, ``Mr Grout has never seen a Capercaillie''. It is surely obvious why not.

I hope you will have the good sense to retract the article and make a decent donation to a wildlife conservation charity.

Michael Mackmin

Aylsham, Norfolk