Letter : Bryan's brill

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I really hoped Nick Barber wouldn't jump on the "Let's slag off Bryan Adams 'cos he's an easy target" bandwagon (4 August). If I want costume changes, I'll go to see Tina Turner; if I want dance routines, I'll go to see Boyzone; if I want stage effects, I'll wait for the opening of the next Olympics. But if I want two hours of great rock and roll with no pretentions, I'll choose Bryan Adams. The 65,000 people who turned up at Wembley Stadium knew that and I didn't see one disappointed face.

Bob Geldof once said he thought Paula Yates was a good music critic because she never slagged anybody off. If the reader doesn't like an artist, they won't bother reading; if they do, they don't want to read something bad about them.

Maddy Allen

London SE21