Letter: Butchers should let beef hang

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THERE was not a single mention in your article 'In a bull market for beef' (Review, 20 February) of the correct hanging of beef as a necessary procedure to produce tender meat.

The impression always given is that good beef can be produced only from some splendid strain of beef cattle. In fact, the scrawniest animal, properly prepared and hung for the right length of time, will produce better meat than the Smithfield champion, if the latter is marketed according to current practice.

Why is this so? Simple - the longer a carcass hangs the more weight it loses, so the less profit there is to be made.

The butchery trade always claims that the public will not pay the extra price needed to cover the loss but I will not buy tough beef. Fortunately, I do have a butcher who can still produce good-quality beef.

M Cullingham

Windsor, Berks