Letter: Food is safe

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A SHORT letter cannot answer all the points made by David Nicholson-Lord ('Live dangerously', Review, 10 October) but:

All pesticides are subject to rigorous approval; pesticides are not approved unless there is clear evidence they are safe.

A consumer representative has been appointed to the government committee monitoring residues of pesticides on food.

The Government makes available a wide range of information on individual pesticides and monitoring of residues.

Inaddition to MAFF, five other government departments, including the Departments of Health and Environment and the Health and Safety Executive, are fully involved and ministers are advised by an independent committee chaired by Sir Colin Berry, professor of morbid anatomy, at the London Hospital, Whitechapel.

These systems should provide reassurance that the pesticides approvals process is both transparent and accessible.

Geoff Bruce, Chief Executive

Pesticides Safety Directorate

MAFF, London SW1