Letter: Forgotten saint of Cornwall

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SALLY Roberts Jones (Letters, 20 March) refers to four British patron saints. She forgot St Perran, whose feast is celebrated throughout Cornwall on 5 March. His flag, a white cross on a black background, flies from many buildings (not only on St Perran's Day), and there are marches, concerts, exhibitions etc. Of Welsh origin, Perran has numerous dedications in Cornwall, eg: Perranzabuloe, Perranarworthal, Perranuthnoe, and he is widely known in Brittany.

His oratory near Perranporth, one of Cornwall's three principal medieval places of pilgrimage (with St Day and St Michael's Mount), was engulfed by the sands centuries ago, and reburied for its own security more recently. It should be uncovered and, properly protected, again made available to the public.

Roger Holmes

Liskeard, Cornwall