Letter: Foul play

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WITH regard to Peter Corrigan's article 'You'll never jeer alone' (30 January), I feel there was an implication that the Liverpool supporters did not respect the minute's silence for the late Sir Matt Busby. The behaviour of the Liverpool supporters was impeccable. We know the importance of a minute's silence, unfortunately. It was the Manchester City fans whose behaviour was abhorrent. They were subsequently booed by the Liverpool fans.

Mr Corrigan seems to think that Manchester United supporters are 'hard done' by the rest of 'us'. I own a season ticket for the Anfield Road section at Liverpool and sit eight seats away from the visiting supporters. I would like to inform him that it is only Man United supporters who hold their hands to their faces, emulating the crushing of supporters at Hillsborough.

I guess the appropriate phrase would be, 'People who live in glass houses, shouldn't throw stones'.

Robert Stringfellow