LETTER : Glasgow wants motorways

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I WAS AMUSED by the article about the M77 motorway extension in Glasgow, "Scots vow to win Britain's last motorway battle" (19 February). I fear that your correspondent has been taken in by the propaganda of the small, unrepresentative group of protesters. The majority of people living on the south side of Glasgow cannot wait for this relief road to remove cars, trucks and heavy commercial vehicles from residential streets.

The accusation that air and noise pollution will be increased in Pollok Park ignores the fact that the new road will be separated from the park by the width of a golf course.

The suggestion that the Kingston Bridge is about to collapse will come as news to engineers working on bridge maintenance. The photograph purporting to show "rush-hour cars crossing the Kingston Bridge" was an evening photograph. The line of traffic is through traffic - it would not be in those two lanes if it were commuter traffic. I agree that in the South-east of England motorways may encourage people to commute greater distances. As Glasgow is surrounded by hills and moors it cannot spread any further. In our case the motorways are meant to keep through traffic away from residential and urban areas.

John M McMillan