Letter: 'Green' cars stay in the garage

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YOUR item on cleaner cars did not make it clear whether all vehicles will be tested to see how much damage they are causing the environment. Do the tests apply only to cars?

I fully agree that there are some old cars on the road emitting filth, but the worst culprits by far for emitting choking, black, smoky gunge are lorries and buses.

Anyone who motors around the centre of Leeds would agree that the majority of the public buses require urgent attention over this issue and the motorways are rife with slow-moving, clapped out 'puffers' hauling goods in anything but a 'green' fashion.

So, yes, by all means clobber individual members of the public if they drive around in polluting wrecks, but do not overlook the public companies and the owners of haulage vehicles that fall into the same 'ungreen' category in the process.

Tessa K Holmes

Chapel Allerton, Leeds