Letter: Happiness is a full nest

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YOUR article on post-university children returning to live at home ("Full-nest syndrome: home, not alone", 23 April) gives only one side of the picture.

In it, the phrase "desirable quality of life" means an indul-gent offspring- free existence for, apparently, self-engrossed parents.

There must, however, be thousands like us. We have three grown children who are our best friends. For me, perhaps the most "desirable quality of life" would be for our children to stay with us for as long as they wished (for ever, if necessary) and bring with them in time their own loved ones and their own offspring.

Last year we briefly rented a large house in the Lakes and all packed into it. It was one of the most joyful and enriching times I have ever known. I'd give up a big car and a Bahamas holiday to be with our children any day.

Ian Flintoff

London SW6