Letter: High cost of growing old

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I WAS incensed when watching The Moral Maze on BBC2 by the glib assurances of those in favour of commercialisation of what was a great public service, the National Health Service.

I joined a top-class medical insurance company in 1959 and paid premiums for myself, my wife and three children until they became independent.

In January 1992 the premium asked of me was increased by 40 per cent as in that year I was 80. In January 1993 this was repeated, making a 96 per cent increase, or about pounds 1,700 per annum. At this point I resigned.

I write to warn others what is likely to happen to them if they are so foolish as to live a long time. If priorities are determined by age, clearly they will need to be wealthy octogenarians to finance their medical care, whether NHS or private.

J D Graham Brixham, Devon