Letter: IRA revenge for Bloody Sunday

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Sir: With all the recent attention being paid to Bloody Sunday, as is the case every year, no one ever seems to remember how the IRA took its revenge.

On 22 February 1972, within weeks of Bloody Sunday, they placed a car bomb outside 16 Parachute Brigade officers' mess at Aldershot. It exploded without any warning at 12.40pm, killing five women cleaners, a gardener and a priest.

Why is it that this murderous event is never spoken about in relation to Bloody Sunday? Gerry Adams wants an apology from the British government, who, unlike the IRA, are accountable. Perhaps Adams could give me an apology for the IRA's murder of my mum and her friends that bloody Tuesday.


London SW16

The writer's mother, Mary Bosley, was one of those killed in the Aldershot bombing