Letter: Judas has been believed innocent for longer than we think

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Unlike Professor Klassen, Liddell and Scott's The Greek Lexicon offers "betray" for paradidomi when handing over involves disloyalty. Jesus was handed over by the temple clique to Pilate, by Pilate to the death-squad. Only by his friend was Jesus betrayed. The translators were correct.

Klassen considers John biased and hostile to Judas, which is true. The words of Jesus on which the case seems to rest are found only in this historically unreliable source: "And after the sop Satan entered into him. Then said Jesus unto him, That though doest, do quickly." (John 13:27).

PKM Oakeshott

When we come across cases of men and women who after 16 or more years behind bars are found to have been innocent, we are shocked and outraged. What can we say to a people who have taken the rap for nearly 2,000 years? There was a time when questioning any Gospel truth would have been seen as heretical. As painful as it may be for the Church, the truth must out.

Matthew Warman