letter: Kenya, through other eyes

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Contrary to your article on the Kenyan president, Daniel arap Moi ("Hated, feared, bent...", 20 July), Kenya has 40- not 70-odd ethnic communities. Also the population was the world's 10th fastest growing (1960-94) and is expected to be the 54th fastest growing 1994-2000. The government does not own or control newspapers.

It smacks of bigotry to say that Richard Leakey's involvement in the unregistered Safina Party would in itself kick-start and unite the Kenyan opposition behind a single presidential candidate. After all Leakey has over the last three years tried to achieve just that and has conspicuously failed. Any attempt to restrain the free-for-all presidential race among the opposition forces is undemocratic and a step back towards one-partyism.

Every leader has his supporters and detractors but it is illogical to suggest that a hated, feared and bent candidate could master enough support to win a crowded general election.

M Ngali

Kenya High Commission

London W1