Letter: Knight flight

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What marks Richard Branson out as different among his peers is that he is an ordinary person who, despite his public school beginnings and rich lifestyle, has not forgotten to behave as the decent majority of people do ("Polygamous Virgin", 17 August). Otherwise why, during one of the last flights out to Hong Kong prior to the handover were Branson and his wife in economy class rather that the excellent Virgin "Upper Class". On a 13-hour flight, anyone would choose the luxury of reclining seats, personal videos, free drinks and a la carte food.

Anyone, that is, except Richard Branson. Looking tired near the end of the night flight, we met outside a lavatory. "Not in Upper Class?" I asked, "Why not?"

"My wife and I left it too late deciding whether or not to go to the celebrations," he replied. "When we did, we were lucky to get seats at all - everything's full."

Imagine BA chairman Sir Colin Marshall doing that. With my luck I'd have been the chap who got bounced off the flight. Eat your heart out BA.

Alf Menzies