Letter: Media's 'fictional' Liverpool

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AS AN Evertonian I must protest at the mention of my team every time racism in football is raised ('When correctness goes the wrong way' 15 May). It is not true to say we have never fielded a black player (Cliff Marshall 1974-75) or that we are the only current team without a black player (Blackburn). Neither, in my opinion, is it true that our crowd is more racist than anywhere else. I have encountered racist attitudes at every ground I've been to. Nor does Everton FC have a 'deliberate policy' of not signing black players. There is no National Front here, unlike London, despite all its black players.

Everton has tried and failed to sign Paul Parker, Mark Walters, Dion Dublin and Mark Bright. The press is creating a self-fulfilling prophecy and EFC may find it impossible because of this to attract a black player to Goodison.

P R Barry

Waterloo, Liverpool