Letter: Name game

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HESTER LACEY'S account of Nineties name-changing issues on marriage ('What's in a name?', 7 August) covered all options but the one my (new) husband and I have taken - that of the husband taking the wife's name. To us, double- barrelling only postponed the issue for a generation, and keeping separate names only worked as long as there were no children. We decided to demonstrate our belief that either partner's surname was appropriate for a married couple. But I should warn of emotional shock from the man's family. While female friends cooed in envy and male friends expressed bemused interest, my husband's parents experienced a turmoil unparalleled in their family history. My advice for couples considering this is a lot of careful consultation. And yes, he is keeping his maiden name at work.

Tig Thomas

Oundle, Northamptonshire