Letter: No oppression

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I take issue with your article "Dumped in the desert with the city's sewage" (23 March).

Sudanese Christians enjoy full equality in all aspects of life, a status not matched for Muslims in Britain.

The displaced in Dar Es Salam are in fact driven out by the rebels. They came thousands of miles from the south to the north because it is here that they find security, education, water and housing. Victimised Bosnians did not flee to Belgrade, the capital of their oppressors. If Khartoum is so oppressive, wouldn't the displaced choose to go to a neighbouring country rather than travelling thousands of miles to live here?

Finally, Khartoum's sewage treatment plants are to the south and north of the capital, not near Dar Es Salam, as you say.

A AlKoronky

Embassy of the Republic of the Sudan, London SW1