LETTER : Not so casual encounters

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Your two-part feature on pornography lacked any investigation of the experiences of people used in the trade (Real Life, 21 and 28 April).

Perhaps readers may be concerned to learn that people can find they are appearing in pornographic magazines and videos without their prior knowledge or consent. Porn magazines on sale in virtually every sweetshop in the country encourage readers to provide naked photographs of women for payment.

Some might argue that it is only a certain type of woman who would allow nude photos to be taken of her, let alone allow them out of her sight. But even if she did, possibly to a former boyfriend she trusted, does she deserve the traumatic humiliation and psychological damage caused by the ordeal of publication, having to move town, inability to face the world and earn a living, fear of harassment, suicide risk, etc, etc?

Is providing entertainment through pornography such an important freedom?

Julie Bradwell

Leeds, West Yorkshire