Letter: Nothing chic about heroin

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Sir: I feel compelled to respond to your article "A smack in the face for gurus of heroin chic" (23 May), which featured an image of my recent catwalk show.

I was dismayed to find that the photograph had been used to give the impression that I was both glamourising and condoning heroin. It is too easy to jump to conclusions.

Every season I design clothes that are inspired by the people I see around me, particularly in London. This city has always been a fundamental starting point for music, fashion and style worldwide, and my show was designed to highlight one area of London's eclectic tastes.

Putting models in black dresses, with unkempt hair and ravaged make-up, does not necessarily mean they are on smack. It's "just a look", it's "whatever", it's kids out having a good time, it's Generation X. Maybe to some this is the classic face of addiction, but the irony is that a true addict would almost always go unnoticed in a crowd.

Don't burn us all as witches. Before blaming the fashion industry for glamourising an addiction, society should ask itself why there is such a problem today. If this issue was intelligently dealt with I would be the first to give my support.



People Corporation

London N1