Letter: Nuclear waste in safe hands

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THE latest attack by Dr Derek Ockenden ('Nuclear waste dump under Cumbria 'could go critical' ', 30 January) on Nirex's efforts to find an all- time safe repository for low and intermediate radioactive waste is just one more frustrating spanner in an industry that represents the UK's best hope for a secure, long-term, energy future. Long after the dash for gas is exhausted we will be looking to the nuclear industry for our energy needs. Implicit in that, is the complicated problem of dealing with radioactive waste. We are fortunate that in Nirex we have a company that takes this challenge seriously.

Workers in the nuclear industry would urge politicians and scientists not to throw the nuclear baby out with the waste water. Of course we need safe waste disposal facilities. But in an industry that is a centre of excellence for graduate recruitment, research, development and training, that should not present an unsurmountable difficulty.

Bill Morgan

Chairman, Trade Unionists for Safe Nuclear Energy