Letter: Pedestrians need rights of way

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The Independent Online
Sir: You have published several items on the problems of automobile traffic in Britain (Letters, 29 August). The simplest way to reverse the hierarchy between cars and pedestrians would be to ensure that pedestrians generally have priority over road vehicles, as in many other countries, rather than having to defer to them everywhere except at pedestrian crossings.

In Britain, motorists at intersections do not yield to pedestrians, who must always be extremely vigilant. At some crosswalks pedestrians can wait for ages. I believe that this "right of way" mentality also contributes to the aggressiveness of British motorists.

Walking in Britain would be much easier and safer if, instead, drivers at intersections had to wait for pedestrians to cross before turning. Short of that, there should at least be proper pedestrian signals.

It would be a joy to walk in British towns without having to pay obeisance to road traffic and scamper across streets like small prey.


London E11