LETTER: Profiting from the Holocaust

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From Sir Sigmund Sternberg

Sir: I agree fully with Nicholas Faith (Letters, 19 September) regarding the accounts of Holocaust victims in Swedish banks. In my discussions on behalf of the Board of Deputies of British Jews with Swiss bankers, I became aware that there were such accounts in the banks of other countries, too. The action of the Swiss is praiseworthy and should be emulated. Where necessary, the law should be changed to enable the banks to publish the lists of deposits which have not been claimed for 50 or more years and are obviously heirless.

It is now recognised that the banks of various countries have wrongs to put right. That they should benefit at the expense of the Holocaust victims is reprehensible and against natural justice.

Yours faithfully,

Sigmund Sternberg

The Sternberg Centre

for Judaism

London, N3

20 September